With an emphasis on gestural abstraction, Carmen Menza’s original works of art capture lifes’ fleeting moments in bold, rich colors and texture. Working primarily in oils she employs layer after layer of paint to produce abstract expressionistic art that is a riot of texture and color.

Encaustic is a beeswax based paint that the ancient Greeks developed over 2,000 years ago.  The word encaustic derives from the Greek word enkaustikos, meaning “to heat” or “to burn”.  The wax layers of an encaustic painting need to be “burned in”.  This simply means fusing the layers of wax together with heat to ensure that the different layers of wax are bonded together and will not flake apart. Encaustic paint is simply beeswax, resin, and pigment. Due to the characteristics of beeswax paint the surface can be polished to a high gloss for a luminous effect, or the wax can be modeled, sculpted, textured, and combined with collage material.

Value $300. Minimum Bid $100.

DFW pickup only