Previously owned flash comes in case with off-camera shoe cord 2 and instruction book. Batteries not included.

The Canon Speedlite 550EX Flash allows bouncing the flash off of a standard height ceiling or off of other reflectors such as white walls, white foamcore, Photoflex and other commercial reflectors.

Another benefit of Canon’s accessory flashes is that they significantly help focusing on many EOS cameras. A pattern of the focus assist light projected by the flash helps the camera focus faster and more accurately – even on a low contrast surface such as a white wall. The focus assist feature can make or break a shot in low light situations!

The Canon Speedlite 550EX Flash is the largest and second most powerful of the Canon general purpose flashes.

The Canon Off Camera Shoe Cord 2 consists of a piece that mounts on your camera’s hot shoe, a 2′ (extended) coiled cord and a hot shoe with a threaded bottom. The Canon Off Camera Shoe Cord 2 maintains all of the on-camera functions for one Canon flash.

Value $300. Minimum Bid $60.

Available for shipping worldwide.